Rapid Roof Repairs use only high quality products for roof repairs performed to your roof. We have endeavoured to show you all the leading brands of roof products for your convenience and information.

We have over 30 years experience and are able to supply you with a wealth of knowledge regarding the best product for the job to bring out the best in your home's appearance when dealing with roof repairs and possum proofing.

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Roof tiles
roof tilesBack to the topTerracotta tiles, Concrete/Cement tiles, Slate tiles, Shingles
Metal roofing
Colorbond Roof Sheets and Roof FlashinsBack to the topColorbond Roof sheets and Colorbond Roof flashings.
Blue Scope Steel
Flexi-pointBack to the topFlexi-point is a trowelable, custom coloured, permanently flexible adhesive that is used to point the ridge caps of tiled roofs.
Shieldcoat Pty Ltd
Flashing: Wakaflex
Flashing: WakaflexBack to the topFlashing is a 'Lead Free' flashing solution designed to replace lead in the all roof applications, and is suitable for all roof profiles and types.
Combined Group of Companies P/L
Insulation Batts/roof sarking
Back to the topInsulation batts and sarking are terrific thermal and acoustic insulation solutions.
Bradford Gold Ceiling Batts
Poly carbonate roof sheets
Back to the topPoly carbonate roof sheets are translucent roofing materials
Polycarbonate roof sheetsPalram Australia Pty Ltd (known as suntuf product)
Laserlite Australia Pty Ltd (known as Laserlite product)
Ampelite Australia Pty Ltd
Whirly birds
whirly birdsBack to the topA great roof ventilation system.
CSR Edmonds
Lead flashing
Back to the topLead flashing is used between brickwork and roofs to stop the ingress of water into the building
Thomas Thoms
Back to the topNo 1 Roofing & building supplies
- Wholesale roofing & building supplies
No 1 Roofing & building supplies

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